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Battlefield Sports, world-famous live gaming equipment manufacturer, offers a 24/7 online resource called the “Battlefield Sports University” (BFSU).

For fun fair, summer camp or bounce house company owners who looking for a new attraction to draw in the crowds this season, Battlefield Sports is the innovator in mobile laser tag.

Unlike grand-país laser tag we offer a proven system with game changing results. Now you can BOOST your SALES with the simple to use equipment.

Battlefield Sports is for theme parks, YMCA or mobile party business center owners who love creating happy memories for their customers but who are dissatisfied twith their current sales.


  • Boost your sales with the latest innovation
    in the fun & adventure business.
  • Attract crowds of customers who want a thrilling,
    interactive experience to your business.
  • Leverage off the booming video game industry.
    Then you should take a look at this.


to amplify gameplay & maximize your profits. Our
patented technology offers you:

  • Play indoors or outdoors.
  • FAST to start simply turn a key and you are good to go!
  • Real-time Hit Feedback. So your players know when theyíve got their opponents! This pumps up the fun.

Each gamer can track how they are doing. From % accuracy to Kill/Death ratio, and more!

Voice feedback in 21 languages, plus you can customize it (ask when ordering). The gear is straightforward to use with our easy LOCK-OUT mode.

Ideal for outdoor gameplay, you can run up to 8 separate groups (each with a Team A & Team B) without crossfire. Zoom up the range, for daylight gaming up to 300ft/100m (others boast a puny 100ft/30m).

Continuous play allows you to insert new gamers into the battlefield while a game is in progress. No waiting. Fast throughput.

We offer you laser tag equipment built tough, thatís royalty free & simple to operate. The equipment is reliable. The laser tag equipment is lightweight. Ideal for kids 5 years old & older. Itís low maintenance.

And it comes with a ìlock outî feature & you just turn íem on & play. No installation required.


“I could not be happier about my decision to start my maverick party”

Tom, Washington DC USA

Starting your very own Laser Tag Business could not be simpler.

When you place an order of a commercial
quantity you’ll get a unique username &
password to access the BFSU.

Contact us today info@battlefieldsports.com